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Preschool Program Goals

Our caregivers focus on primary caregiving. We work to help the child build a sense of security and lay a foundation for the development of confidence and trust. Most importantly, we provide lots of love! We work closely with the parents to customize a daily routine that will fit the family's needs. Our staff is educated and trained in infant development and we provide a stimulating, safe and secure environment to encourage the infants to explore and trust their caregivers.   In this age group, we encourage the children to explore. Activities are child-initiated. Our caregivers act as facilitators for the children and they give support and guidance. The activities offered for this age group are for manipulation and exploration. Materials in the rooms will be rotated often, as the interests of the children change. A stimulating environment is created to nurture curiosity and motivate each child.

2 months - 18 months Infants
18 - 2 years 9 months Toddlers

Toddlers learn through exploration. They are beginning to have a structure in their day. Our curriculum combines teacher-directed activities to fulfill their toddler milestones. Morning circle time includes a variety of activities to foster language development and sensory exploration like storytime, music, dance, song, and fingerplays. Toddler teachers work on an individual basis with each student while others rotate to activities such as art, puzzles, blocks, and toys. Our toddler lesson plans also include indoor and outdoor manipulative activities geared to developing the child's motor skills.

Preschool Classroom

Kindergarten preparation is emphasized at this age level. Children will build a strong academic foundation through structured learning and carefully planned curriculum. Weekly themes provide fun activities. The teachers prepare lessons geared toward readiness skills and self-expression. In this preschool classroom, children will build their new knowledge through past experiences and existing knowledge. Carefully structured learning environments, integrated learning centers, group play, and teacher-led activities take place throughout the day.


Imagination Station Learning Center provides a safe and nurturing environment for school-age children in kindergarten through fifth grade. Afterschool, children are fed a healthy snack and are given the opportunity to work on homework. They are able to rotate through center play, gaming stations and our outdoor play. After students complete their homework, they work on the daily activity which varies from cooking, sports, Math, Science experiments, Art, Exercise and Zumba.

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