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The more that you read, The more things you will know. The more that you Learn,

The more places you'll GO. - Dr. Seuss

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum is centered on the individual need and developmental stage of each child taking into account that all children develop at a different pace. Information on what the children are learning will be send home each month for your review and to encourage a discussion with your child. Our learning environment is focused on meeting the following goals

  • To know God, His creation, His word, and His purpose for their lives.

  • Promotion of self-esteem

  • Development of both fine and gross motor skills

  • Encouragement of cognitive learning and development

  • Positive growth of social skills and sense of community

  • Encouragement of self-control and independent thinking

  • Promotion of problem solving and critical thinking skills

The Learning Environment 

Our physical learning environment in the PRESCHOOL PROGRAMS is set up to encourage both independent and group learning.

  • Language and Literacy

  • Dramatic/Imaginative Play

  • Gross and Fine Motor Development

  • Math, Science

  • Cooking

  • Weather/Calendar/Current Events

  • Creative and Artistic Expression

  • Sensory Experiences

  • Music and Movement/worshiping

  • Bible verses leaning / Bible story

  • Writing Development

  • Quiet/Rest Times

  • Outdoor Play

  • 60 minutes of physical activity daily

  • Promote healthy eating

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